Architecture Grids

The series Grids focuses on the pure clean-lined geometries of the architecture. My works feel like controlled exercises in constant repetition and serial iteration, but it’s not a simple investigation of urban space and buildings: while this is the framework in which the research forms, it has more to do with an analysis of the concept of perception and with our ability to see and interpret reality. I’m building up a set of discrete deconstructions, each one different but part of a larger visual melody where the absence of the human figures turns the space into an abstract, silent and impersonal geometry. Yet these are not lifeless, unemotional photographs. Although the perspective can appear objectifying, faceless, and absolutely, coldly precise, there is an even deeper feeling below. The relation between buildings and psychological impact is more important than buildings themselves.

Grid #6-Paranoia

Grid #1-A tribute to Kafka

Grid #4-Just in blue

Grid #5

Grid #23

Grid #37-Mixed media

Grid #2-Clouds

Grid #2

Grid #7-Beehive

Grid #3

Grid #3-Red line

Grid #15

Grid #10

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