The project was curated by the architect, theorist, historian Paolo Portoghesi (1931- 2023)

The pictures of Francesca Pompei concern the photographic matter with great sensitivity and questioning attitude. The images resulting from such a strong connection become frames of a story that attracts and convinces. Paolo Portoghesi, Architect

My photographic style is influenced by my obsession for time and my vital passion for arts.
I feel that the only way to understand the beauty is to make it participate in our own life and this is exactly what I have tried to realize in my project, focused on the works of the great architect Francesco Borromini (1599-1667). The series shows a web of cross-references and related impressions that, surprisingly, can be interpreted by each spectator in a different way.
In such a visual intermingling, past, present and future become faded notions that reveal an unlimited potential of shapes and compositions whose value goes beyond space and time, just like the atmosphere of Roma, la città eterna.

Angel in the dark

White circle

Silent rain


Strong and proud


The scream





Blue impression

The meeting

Still life

Emergency exit

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