In the popular imagination Japan is commonly associated with many visual stereotypes such as the crowded, colourful and fast everyday life. Instead of the usual perspective, I have looked for a suspended reality, more visual than visible and I have taken the decision to live and represent the night scene so far from the busy and bright diurnal life.
I have so discovered a different kind of Japan, made up of several fragmented parts away from the beaten “stop-and-go” tourist track. These places tell us stories inviting to wear a different mental habitus.

The passenger

The new Umeda district by Hiroshi Hara

Oriental night

The Dotombori canal

The night walker

The Rainbow Bridge

The corner house

The National Art Center by Kisho Kurokawa

Dark city

The commuter

The midnight horizon

Kenzo Tange Fuji TV Building

Sailing away

The empty building

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