The campus located at the Novartis headquarters in Basel has already become a true Mecca for modern architecture. The planning was conducted by the famous Italian architect Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani and every building in the campus is designed by a different architect, such as Frank O. Gehry, Diener & Diener, Sanaa and many more. The realization of this “city in a city” is still in progress but, especially due to the Covid research, taking photos is generally forbidden for the Novartis industrial secrecy. So this report offers an exclusive view on its buildings design.

Novartis Campus-Navarro Baldeweg's building

Novartis Campus-Building's detail

Novartis Campus-Richard Serra's sculptures

Novartis Campus-Tadao Ando's building

Novartis Campus-Yoshio Taniguchi's building

Novartis Campus-Helmut Federle's building, detail

Novartis Campus-The waves

Novartis Campus-Boulevard

Novartis Campus-Tadao Ando's building, detail

Novartis Campus-Adolf Krischanitz's building

Novartis Campus-Yoshio Taniguchi's building, entrance

Novartis Campus-F. O. Gehry's building

Novartis Campus-Building's facade

Novartis Campus-Helmut Federle's building (2)

Novartis Campus-David Chipperfield's building

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