Winner of Architecture MasterPrize 2022 in the Photography-Cultural Interior category
GOLD MEDAL of Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021

The Stadtcasino Basel dates to 1824, when it first opened, but its current facilities come from later: the 1876 Musiksaal, the Hans Huber Hall from 1905 and the Casino completed in 1939. In 2012 the famous archistars duo Herzog & de Meuron were commissioned to restore and extend the two pieces in the same neo-Baroque architectural tradition of the 19th-century original designed by Johann Jakob Stehlin. The new Musiksaal, home to the Basel Symphony Orchestra and a Swiss landmark, reopened in 2020 but it was closed due to the Covid pandemic immediately after.

Stadtcasino-The red hall

Stadtcasino-The mirrored tube

Stadtcasino-The window

Stadtcasino-The red snake

Stadtcasino-In the light

Stadtcasino-Silent majesty

Stadtcasino-The empty symphony

Stadtcasino-Last places

Stadtcasino-Piano solo


Stadtcasino- The sun in a room

Stadtcasino-The ridge

Stadtcasino-The lift

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