Images depict the immediacy of a moment that almost escapes the gaze there is an element of authenticity, capable of generating a sentiment of what is common to all of us and shared through a gaze cast on the seemingly alien and distant. Photography is not mere duplication or an ocular stopwatch that freezes the physical world, but a language in which the difference between reproduction and interpretation, however subtle, exists and gives rise to an infinite number imaginary worlds. Within this itinerary, the human being is practically absent. What is visible is the trace of physical actions that mark the passage of time, because the absence of a thing could make much more aware of it.

Le miroir de la rue

Broadway night #2

The two doors

The window

Red shirt


Beyond the horizon

The dark side of the moon

The pavilion

The white house

Desolation - You are not with me

The white shape #2

The beach #2


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