Lebanon is still dealing with the aftermath of the civil war. In 15 years, from 1975 to 1990, the religious conflict has devastated the country in all its aspects, leaving the urban landscape in a mass of ruins.

Abandoned spots, damaged buildings and war ruins are spread through all the regions and most of historical, artistic and urban sites are totally abandoned.

In many cases it is very hard to decide whether the ruin should be demolished or restored. And if restored, which program is going to be applied.

To date, the majority of local authorities, planners and architects consider the current situation as failed and there have been activists’ protests against the further demolition of Lebanon‘s built cultural heritage joining the clashes started in October 2019.

On the threshold

Sunset room#2

In another time

In another time #2

In another time #3

In the middle

The time after

Grand Sofar Hotel #2

Grand Sofar Hotel #5

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